We pride ourselves on our ability to help our custom clients achieve their dream home

We had the pleasure of working with Mike Telich on an extensive remodel of our home. Although we looked at several general contractors, Mike came so highly recommended from all of his past clients that he became the obvious choice. His experience as a finish carpenter ensures that every aspect of your home will be flawless. It would also be impossible to be more responsive than Mike. He is ALWAYS available and ALWAYS willing to work through decisions with you to keep the project on track. We were out of town when our project was completed and Mike left our house spotless, had a team come over to clean up all of our landscaping, and we did not have a single significant item on the punch list. We would be thrilled to discuss our experience with you. We owe that to Mike for the incredible job that he did with our home

Ted & Ely Thurmond

As first-timers, we had lots of questions and concerns entering the home building process. We could not have had a better experience with Telich Custom Homes. Mike and his team were professional, honest, and easy to work with. We asked for our dream home and they delivered it to us on time and within budget. If there is a next dream home for us, Telich Custom Homes will be our first and only choice.

Jonas and Shelly Fontenot

As an Interior Designer, I worked with Mike Telich on the Bagwell House. The project was a great success, due in large part to Mike’s dedication to quality. As new design ideas were developed onsite, he was able to implement them with creative solutions. His professionalism in managing the many details of a custom house delivered a distinguished home to my client. I would welcome the opportunity to work together again."

Leigh Ann Cabaniss, Designer ASID

As an Architect, I don’t always get to pick my builder. Some clients come to me and it’s already settled. Sometimes we get lucky. Sometimes not. Through my years of practice, I’ve weeded out the builders that I’ll refer to my clients and those that they should steer clear. Mike and I have now collaborated on seven projects and I can say with certainty that he’s on my shortlist. Coming up through the finish carpentry ranks, Mike not only knows how each trade should be done, he’s actually done most of them himself. Finish carpenters are last in and have to make up for sloppy work in front of them. Mike runs his entire organization with that same precision. He solves problems in the field quickly and efficiently, he treats his subcontractors with respect, and he’s is responsive to his client’s requests and their architect’s demands. Mike takes what may otherwise be a vanilla set of drawings and adds layers of detail that make me look good. Attention to detail, speed, and extremely good communication are his strongest qualities. I would hire him to build my own home.

Chuck Oliver
Principal Architect, C.M. Oliver Architects

When we moved to the Baton Rouge area, we were having a very difficult time finding the right house to purchase. Wandering through the Settlement at Willow Grove, I saw your house in the early stages of construction and walked through it only to run right into you –the builder himself.

That was the first time among many throughout the building process that I knew you took very seriously each stage of construction and meticulously managed every detail to ensure a high quality finished product. From the beginning of our meeting, I felt comfortable with you. You really listened to how we wanted to customize the home and you proudly shared with us your ideas as well. You made no assumptions in your understanding, but asked many detailed questions and made sure we thought them through before making any decisions. Not only did we appreciate that, but it saved us money along the way. The initial work for which we contracted with you quickly revealed to us the most important value a contractor can provide: quality work and honesty to your clients. We sincerely value your dedication to quality, and for that reason, we will always call you first for our building needs.

Mike, for all potential clients deciding if they should contract with you, we say to them, you cannot find a more efficient, dependable, and professional contractor dedicated to the quality of his work. We recommend Mike Telich 100%. He will not disappoint you with your project, and it will be top quality at a reasonable price.

David and Misty Clark

We are still in awe by the detail and craftsmanship that you put into our home. As we reflect back on the past 7 months we are speechless with how you took what was merely lines on a piece of paper and turned it into our home. It was a real joy to watch and be a part of the process. I especially want to thank you for demonstrating great patience with us as we had never done anything like this before.  Through your reassurance and guidance we were able to make decisions with great confidence that have proven to be the right choices. We are proud to tell everyone Mike Telich built our home and that they must speak to you before speaking or signing anything with another builder. And as I have shared with you many times not only did we get our dream home but we also got a very dear friend.

Daryl R. Ellis

Building a house is daunting. From the planning phase to execution, the opportunities along the way to make a wrong choice are numerous. When we finally decided to build, it was the culmination of many years of planning and dreaming about what we wanted. It had to be right. No, it had to be perfect. Choosing a builder who will deliver perfection is actually pretty easy. There are scores of home builders in the Baton Rouge area and we studied the work of many of them. Time and time again when we studied Mike's work there was one phrase that we would utter: "It's just perfect." Once we met Mike and his foreman, Jamey, we knew we had our guy. Approachable, down-to-Earth and highly skilled. He knows the craft from the perspective of every aspect of the building process because he has done every job included in the process. That knowledge is rare, we quickly found out as we interviewed other prospective builders. One quality that really stands out with Mike is attention to detail. The detail is what truly separates a good from a great home. The actual process of building is never without bumps in the road. It is how those bumps are handled that make the difference. Mike and Jamie were always professional, available and eager to formulate a solution to the problem at hand with the client's best interest as the guiding principle. This is rare in any industry but especially so (it seems to me) in home construction. In closing, I can, without any hesitation or reservation, give only the highest recommendation to Telich Custom Homes. Perhaps the best compliment I can give is that I would do it over again in a heartbeat.

Brad and Emily Vincent

I will never forget the day I saw the site for the location of my new house to be built. I had a gut feeling that this was the location that I would want to start my life over. I knew this to be true the second I met Mike Telich. Together, we created my vision. Mike made sure my every vision, wish, and dream came to fruition. I had some wild and different ideas that I wanted to be carried out throughout my house and backyard. Every nook and cranny had to be unique and specific to my needs and wants. Even down to the cabinet passageway that connects my closet to my laundry room. No task or idea was too big or too difficult for Mike and his amazing team. I am finally living in my dream house, that I love calling my home. There is no place I would rather be than in my unique Telich Custom Home.

Wendy Lipsey

My husband and I never thought we had the time or knowledge to build a home. However after not finding what we were looking for in our next home we decided to interview a few contractors. We chose Mike because of his attention to detail and level of guidance. His trim work is incomparable to other builders. You can see it in his homes. When you spend the money to build a beautiful home you want it to show in every detail. Mike has an incredible team that is always available for questions or guidance. It's not just the contractor that you chose it's his subs as well and they were all of the highest caliber.  He made what was an inconceivable idea into our new home.  We would build another home with him any day. I would recommend him to my closest friends and family.

Gammon and Angelique Manne

I’ve built two houses. The two experiences couldn’t have been more different.  Building my current home in The Settlement at Willow Grove with Mike Telich was an absolute pleasure. Having been Mike’s personal home on the Parade of Homes, my wife and I knew he could build a beautiful home.  We knew he paid attention to the smallest of details.  We felt like our tastes were similar to his.  We were, however, still very nervous to get the process started after buying our lot and finishing our plans.  I worried that I’d repeat the errors I made in building my first home.  But from the very first meeting with Mike, we felt very comfortable and put him at the top of our list. After meeting with numerous builders, we trusted our instincts and hired Mike.  It was such a great decision!

Looking back, the building process flew by. It was actually fun. Communicating with Mike was incredibly easy. Our phone calls and emails were always promptly returned. We never felt that he was too busy to answer our questions, go over our options for a selection again or meet with us and walk through the house another time. He gave us an incredible amount of guidance in choosing the touches that really made our house our home. And I loved that there were no surprises at the end of the process!

My wife and I can’t recommend Mike highly enough. He earned our trust. He made what tends to be a very stressful, unenjoyable process for many couples a fun, relaxed, marriage-strengthening experience for us. We love our home!

Jason and Eva Hannegan

From the very beginning we knew Telich Custom Homes was the right choice. Mike made us feel like our biggest life investment was a top priority. We received personalized attention and genuine commitment from our very first meeting with him. I am happy to report, many months later, that we were not disappointed...that personal touch and level of service was consistent throughout every step of the process, from researching and purchasing land, to construction and punch list completion. Mike was at our building site every day. He would always take time to explain the new changes that had occurred during the day. We always felt as if we were his number one customer. We appreciate the extra care and attention he gave us, before and after the construction of our home. The quality of workmanship and materials is unsurpassed. We feel as though we not only received a well-built product, we also gained a few new friends. Thank you so much!"

Jamison and Andrea Bagwell

Thank you for making our move to Baton Rouge a pleasurable one. We had both decided that building was not an option in our re-location to Baton Rouge. In the first place we did not feel we had the time needed for new construction, and secondly we were not looking forward to the headaches associated with building. Also, our previous experience with contractors was not good. It seemed that, even though we knew exactly what we wanted, they were always trying to convince us to do it differently and deadlines were of no significance. However, working with you was totally different experience. Not only did you complete the job within our time allowances, you were very enjoyable to work with as well. We were able to convey our thoughts and ideas to you, and you built off of them. By the time the job was complete Janie and I felt that not only had we built a home, but a lasting friendship as well. We look forward to working with you on future projects. Once again THANK YOU, both your workmanship and friendship are greatly appreciated.

Todd and Janie Brady

WOW!  Mike built us the perfect house. This was our first time building and he guided us patiently through the whole project. Our styles and personalities clicked from the very beginning.  So impressed with the attention to ALL details at EVERY step along the way. Even our slab was a work of art, beefed up with rebar in all footings, covered with highway mesh and draped with post tension cables. These are the types of details that the casual onlooker doesn’t see but they are hidden everywhere in our house.  He learns from others’ mistakes and is always planning steps ahead. His subcontractors all speak very highly of him and his process.  Pretty sure that isn’t the norm in homebuilding.  Between he and his foreman, Jamey Taglienti, one or both were typically the first to arrive and last to leave.  Hard to believe they had other simultaneous projects. Mother nature threw us a few curve balls but Mike handled everything like a champ.  He knew this was our dream home so nothing would stop him from giving it to us.  Mike Telich is a good and honest person and he takes pride in his product. His homes have a drool factor and this isn’t by accidentWe asked him to build us a brand new home that looks 100 years old. He nailed it and we could not be happier. Best builder in Baton Rouge!  We recommend him without any reservation.  

Mark and Holly Laperouse

Jenny and I will continue to recommend Telich Custom Homes to our friends for years to come. In renovating an older home, we wanted to be certain that our builder would preserve the historic Southern charm we fell in love with. From quality materials to high level craftsmanship, Telich was the right choice. While shopping for a builder, he was the best about giving straight answers and returning texts and phone calls promptly. During our renovation, Mike was often personally at our house multiple times a day; and throughout our 4 month renovation there was hardly a single day where no work took place. The pricing was transparent and there were no surprises. We paid Telich Custom Homes the exact amount that we agreed to at the start of the project, and he finished our renovation in the amount of time he initially projected. We did not know Mike Telich before we bought our home, but we now consider him a friend who we would do anything to help.

Patrick and Jenny Hall